Disc Golf Review Channel

Disc Golf Review Channel



Black Kite Channel Trailer! Hey there disc golf friends! This video helps explain what this channel is all about. It explains that I fly my 4k drone from tee to the basket on all 18 holes of a disc golf course, and add beautiful music and great commentary to it. This helps players be able to see exactly what the course looks like before they go play it! If this is something you think would you and your friends could benefit from, make sure and click on the link below to subscribe to this channel, and make sure and hit that bell button so that you are notified when I release new content! Again guys, help us out by clicking the link below and subscribing!

Click here to subscribe: https://goo.gl/Um8FBH

The new web site: https://www.blackkiteshotz.com

My Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/blackkite

My email: mike@blackkiteshotz.com

Music: ES_Cornered In The Cold – Fasion

Drone: DJI Mavic

Pro Drone Pilot: Mike Brink

Camcorder: Sony AX53

Writer: Mike Brink Editor: Mike Brink

YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/cRlJMlN1_HY https://youtu.be/xR0-VDR-eu0 https://youtu.be/3ZU2h4LlJRU https://youtu.be/Y0uhg5MO8-I https://youtu.be/MLETmwD9xmQ https://youtu.be/riVgfuf0-CU https://youtu.be/50ihXePVA0U https://youtu.be/RlqQt2wlBss https://youtu.be/NK0AX9qCyLg https://youtu.be/6YMpc5jZqDg https://youtu.be/wesLaYV6nK0 https://youtu.be/tvL13Ft2LXs https://youtu.be/_9yDqvEBmow https://youtu.be/VZTODEN0yqI https://youtu.be/qX-R1V43-gU https://youtu.be/yFnzeU4UhEo https://youtu.be/y4nJOkjDLac https://youtu.be/7zwCfLkRJ-Y https://youtu.be/PYydWg7bxPg https://youtu.be/0DlrRnq7Lfo https://youtu.be/qGq3v-apmJU https://youtu.be/WEelWmET5G4 https://youtu.be/cG_rqUftWLs https://youtu.be/uN8XXTpxyR0 https://youtu.be/tMjq8_ZxASk https://youtu.be/nA_l6v8Kfhs https://youtu.be/0RyJ7u58dZc https://youtu.be/SFLcQFR15xM https://youtu.be/_pOZiGESJUY https://youtu.be/AVl5OKNV-G4 https://youtu.be/d4YqQMxC_qk https://youtu.be/c3QODIi1ANk https://youtu.be/LNSGesDK8BE https://youtu.be/qSvIgQjg_R0 https://youtu.be/jGZ-H7BuJ7M https://youtu.be/mxRBNJ3GYE8 https://youtu.be/wmw_0Q5CmZw https://youtu.be/ZWfe-oeFEDU https://youtu.be/TkTRNBbvKIo https://youtu.be/og8_3yixGOc https://youtu.be/Oa0gB4Dbjho https://youtu.be/7Ijpk3cu8Pw

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